Cop War


Slovakia / Czech Republic, 2024, 150 min

Director: Rudolf Bierman

Screenplay: Arpád Soltész

Camera: Martin Štrba

Actors: Alexander Bárta, Juraj Loj, Róbert Jakab, Patrik Vrbovský, Jakub Štáfek, Marián Mitaš, Jakub Rybárik, Ady Hajdu, Petra Dubayová, Bronislava Kováčiková, Martin Nikodým, Matej Marušin, Barbora Švidraňová, Anežka Petrová, Annamária Janeková

Locations in the Košice region: Košice, Košice-Šaca, Spišská Nová Ves, Žehra, Turňa nad Bodvou, Hosťovce

KOŠICE SELF-GOVERNING REGION financially supported the creation of this film through the Call for support for the production of audiovisual works from the TERRA INCOGNITA grant

On January 27, 2024, the long-awaited, unique, and magnificent premiere of the film “Cop War” took place in Košice. Unusually, the film could be enjoyed not only by more than 40 actors and creators but also by almost 4000 spectators at the Košice Steel Arena. The premiere of this film attracted not only viewers but also the attention of film critics, confirming the interest in Slovak cinema and its ability to reflect relevant themes.

The screenplay author, Arpád Soltész, and director, Rudolf Biermann, had previously achieved tremendous success with their joint project “Sviňa,” and it seems that “War of the Policemen” continues their successful collaboration.

Every film is a story that draws us into a different reality, opens a window to different worlds, and offers us the opportunity to experience various emotions. “War of the Policemen” transports its viewers to the era of ‘mečiarism’ in the Košice underworld of the 1990s. Thanks to this film production, we can briefly glimpse into the complex world of political intrigues and corruption. The main character, a police investigator, was portrayed by Alexander Bárta, who delivered a great performance. Other talented actors such as Juraj Loj, Róbert Jakab, and Anežka Petrová also starred in leading roles. Patrik “Rytmus” Vrbovský also played an interesting acting role.

Thanks to Vladimír Martinka, the film gained the right atmosphere and intensity.

Approximately 350 extras participated in the film, and it was shot over a period of 33 days.

The film “Cop War” opens up an important discussion about the period of past history and its impact on society. Since January 2024, viewers have been able to enjoy a captivating, well-crafted political thriller.



In the Košice Region Film Office, we believe that "Cop War" will find its place not only in the domestic but also in the international film market, thus contributing to the prestige of Slovak cinema.